Selling your property can be a fraught process. For many individuals it is one of the largest transactions they make in their lives. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Choosing the right estate agent is an essential first step to getting the correct valuation and advice on how to optimise the appeal of your property in the current state of the market. That’s where experience counts.

At Leo Newman, we have an extensiveknowledge of the Central London property market, both in sales and rentals, and the types of people who are looking for accommodation. This ensures we can give you the most accurate advice to help you move on, confident that you have captured the maximum value for this most precious asset.


Leo Newman is a very modern estate agency with a very traditional ethos of personalised serviced enshrined by a family business founded in 1948 and carried on today by successive generations. It’s a family firm that cares about its customers’ interests all the way through the sales process. Our agents will work closely with you from valuation through to marketing to minimise the stress and disruption that are an inevitable part of property transactions and ensure the speediest sale possible at the best price possible.


Central London is not an homogenous area, but a set of discrete communities with their own particular characters, property types and amenities. From the international resonance of Mayfair to the more bohemian corners of Covent Garden, Soho and Fitzrovia, there’s no end to the choice available to buyers, with sometimes starkly different valuations between areas. But this is constantly changing.

In the seven decades since Leo Newman first started,we have seen these various housing markets evolvelonger than most other agents, and that means we can see opportunities for a more ambitious valuation where others might not.With these insights we can better guide you through the process of valuation and presentation so your property stands out and attracts strong interest from today’s buyers.

Our fully competitive marketing service will describe your property diligently and effectively and locate it where buyers are looking online, whether they are families, expatriate City workers, or international investors.


Aside from location and price, presentation is the other most critical factor in making a property achieve its maximum value. In the fashion-driven market that is Central London, it can make a huge difference. Fortunately for sellers, small changes that boost your property’s ‘kerb appeal’ can be critical in securing the best asking price.

We can guide you through the dos and don’ts of last minute preparation and help you avoid unnecessary expenditures that won’t be realised in the ultimate sale price. We can help you remove many of the subliminal objections buyers often perceive when they view a property. And you’ll have confidence in negotiation if you know you’ve generated strong interest from several serious parties.